Wedding Party

Cynthia Yi

Maid of Honor

Cynthia is Kay’s younger sister. Despite the six year age gap, Cynthia is Kay’s confidant and best friend. Cynthia has perfected the art of being a younger sister - she knows when to be caring, when to be patient, and when to ignore (aka IDGAF) that only years of practice being a younger sibling can provide. This has prepped her well to tackle the hectic and demanding environment of nursing school in Philly. Kay is still in awe of how Cynthia can juggle endless exams, go to 7 AM clinicals in the oncology unit (she’s actually looking forward to being in the ER!), and raise the cutest but most neurotic puppy - all with flair and grace.

Cynthia is funny, down to earth, and in-the-know of what’s going on in the world. She’s the queen of memes, connoisseur of celebrity gossip, and curator of addictive games, all of which she shares with Kay to keep her somewhat cool and recent. She’s also mature beyond her years and relentlessly focused on her goals.

When she’s not walking her puppy Toby with her boyfriend Kevin or color coordinating her nursing school notes, you can find Cynthia slaying on God of War or binge watching Netflix.

Mia Song


Kay and Mia first met over the phone the summer before college. Kay called Mia immediately after dorm assignments were posted, and Mia answered, keeping her cool despite the rando calling her. The two hit it off immediately, and for the next four years, Mia was Kay’s partner in crime, from taking Sailing 101 during sophomore summer, suffering through the starvation ketogenic diet, and pulling all-nighters together in the 1902 room during exams.

Mia is warm, patient, and always down for a laugh, even if it’s at herself (like when she was sent a cake at Molly’s to “celebrate” her “arranged marriage” during freshman year). She’s also chill (like when she unceremoniously met David for the first time in their shared bathroom, brushing his teeth, and immediately welcomed him). Despite the surprises Kay dropped on Mia, she apparently liked Kay enough to be friends all throughout college and after graduation.

When Mia isn’t tending to patients as a doctor in physical medicine and rehab, you can find her spending time with her boyfriend Brandon, recovering from the PTSD of her board exams, and baking all sorts of goodies.

Lilai Guo


Lilai and Kay first met at Dartmouth in their dorm cluster (East Wheelock for life!) and rushed the same sorority. Lilai is one of the most energetic and positive people Kay’s ever known, always the first to share a smile and celebrate even the smallest moments of victory. Even after eight years of navigating the corporate jungle of NYC and Boston, she’s unflaggingly optimistic and buoyantly practical, like the time she reassured Kay it’s totally ok to ugly cry at work - who doesn’t, honestly?!

Lilai lives adventurously, exploring the less traveled corners of the world (Nepal, anyone?) with her husband Jonnie. She’s also tough, eschewing business for economy class (to build character, even when her firm offers to pay for it). She also re-introduced Kay to the joy of getting a full meal for under $3 in NYC via the McDonald’s Value Menu. If Kay knows how to spend a dollar, Lilai certainly knows how to save two!

When Lilai isn’t hiking to the base camp of Mt Everest or consulting for Fortune 500 companies, you can find her at the rock climbing gym with Jonnie or daydreaming about the launch of Panda Grease™.

Chris Park

Best Man

Chris was the last one that David met out of his groomsmen in freshman year but certainly not the least. Chris was rooming with another “David Lee” (there were 3 on our freshman year floor), and he probably thought there wasn’t a need to meet another one. While they lived on opposite sides of Rubin 8th floor, they ended up spending practically every moment together that year (at least when David wasn’t talking on the phone with Kay) and became roommates for the next 6 years. They have been through it all, including sprinting to school to hand in assignments a minute before the deadline, getting fake tans for spring break, and getting into all sorts of shenanigans while traveling together in Asia.
If David were the nuts in the trail mix, Chris would be M&M’s (inside joke) - hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. He is the best friend and brother anyone could ask for. Whether it’s taking punches trying to save David from a fight (turned out he mistook someone for David and jumped into someone else’s fight) or trying to save David from being kicked out of the club on his 21st birthday party by catching his... (we’ll spare the details here), Chris has always had David’s back.

When Chris isn’t busy at work underwriting credit on deals, he is spending time with his girlfriend Liz and dog Twix or playing basketball. While he would never admit this, Chris is a secret karaoke star and has the voice of an angel.

Eric Ha


David first saw Eric via pictures on Facebook. With his guido blowout and bboy dance poses, Eric certainly looked deserving of his Staten Island credentials. But the first time David met Eric in person, Eric was in his boxers listening to Backstreet Boys in his dorm room. That’s when David learned never to trust social media (#fyrefestival).

Eric was David’s partner in crime throughout college. Whether it was fraternity pledging, racing mopeds in Shanghai, choreographing “Sorry, Sorry” for a talent show, recording songs in autotune during group study sessions, or mock interviewing each other for junior year OCR (UNDERDOGS!), Eric has always brought a little more fun to David’s life.

True to his artistic marketing, financial, and analytical skill sets, Eric works in corp dev at a digital ad tech company. When he’s not working, you can find Eric partying in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn, listening to Justin Nozuka and occasionally trying to take pictures with Kay when David has his back turned. For those of you who haven’t met him yet, you’ll be sure to find him at the center of the dance floor during the wedding reception.

Dan Sheng


David met Dan in freshman year in the hallway of Rubin’s 8th floor. While most kids at that age were trying to be cool by posting Facebook pictures with Bacardi bottles (what tools…), Dan had already started investing in stocks, selling subprime mortgages, and hustling like a true Sternie. It’s rumored that Dan taught Bud Fox the meaning of persistence.

While David can sometimes be the grandpa of the group, Dan is the hype man delivering the encouragement that partying it up at Circle on a Thursday night, ordering Dom trains in Vegas, and crashing KSA Escape parties after graduation are all great ideas, as long as you’re able to spend them in the company of your friends. Dan lives by the Carpe Diem (and Carpe Noctem on Thursday through Saturday) mantra. His passion for life is contagious and inspiring.

When he’s not at Mission (f.k.a. Circle), you can find Dan generating 20%+ IRRs in private equity, exploring Michelin stars with his fiancée Cat, and encouraging David to recklessly indulge in his new passion with watches. If you want to see one of the greatest #10YearChallenges ever, be sure to ask Dan (or David) about his infamous high school photo.
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