Our Story

How We Met

The year was 2007. George W. Bush was POTUS. Harry Potter found all the Horcruxes. Beyonce placed everything you owned in a box to the left, and Soulja Boy supermanned dat...oh. Steve Jobs just introduced the iPhone, but many apps didn’t quite exist yet, meaning Tinder wouldn't be a thing for another 5 years.

Fortunately, David and Kay both decided to teach at a SAT prep school that summer before college. Kay was enjoying her last moments of warmth before traveling “north of the wall” to the frigid land of Dartmouth to nourish herself with Keystone Light and battle wildlings in pong (with no handles on the paddles). David, fresh with his Justin Bieber swooped hair and Hollister clothes, was ready to prowl the concrete jungle of NYU after attending an all boys high school. He knew better than to find summer love and get taken off the market before freshman orientation week…

That is, until David met Kay.

David was struck when he first saw her and bust out all the moves of a high school romantic: dates to the local diner (sometimes balling out at Olive Garden), movies to watch “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (where he put his arms on her shoulder, which was promptly shaken off), and numerous Starbucks meet ups. While Kay found all of David’s moves charming, she finally fell in love when David ran a mile in 100 degree weather (in suit pants and dress shirt, no less) to get her an iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts when she was exhausted at work.

Needless to say, Kay and David started dating the summer before freshman year. And while David never got to use the pick up lines he’d been practicing for orientation and Kay sometimes skipped out on the glitz and glamour of Dartmouth’s frat basements to FaceTime with David, they beat the odds for maintaining a long distance relationship in college.

The Proposal

Granada had always been a special place for Kay. She focused a bulk of her senior year studying the Christian Reconquest of Moorish Spain (and, by extension, David did too with every new draft of her senior paper she requested he read and critique).

While Kay’s desire to visit Spain were deeply rooted in academic curiosity, David’s motivations were gastronomically inspired. When David saw Granada listed as one of the most romantic places, he knew it was serendipity.

On the day of the proposal, Kay and David left their scenic room at El Parador hotel, located inside the Alhambra, to their table at a restaurant on the Mirador de San Nicolas, which featured a spectacular view of the Alhambra. As the Andalusian sun began to set and golden hour started, David got up from the table, bent down on one knee, and popped the big question!

In her shock, Kay doesn’t quite remember what he said during the proposal, but she managed to squeak out a yes. David, always thinking a few steps ahead, had booked a photographer to capture the moment for the times when words just cannot do it justice.

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